Written by Manuel Faessler
With this first blog-post I want to welcome you on my blog and my homepage.
I am extremely delighted that you found my page take your time to look at my work, read my blog or maybe even look for a photographer for a future job?
On this blog you'll find many different posts (at least thats the plan) about photography, travel reports (the first bigger post will be one), making-of pictures with explainations, links to other websites, events, etc. that someway or another impress me or I think you should know about.
I would really appreciate if you would give me feedback from time to time and tell me what you think about my blog-posts, my work and my page ... what you like and don't like. Tell me your wishes, suggestions, complains (hopefully not ;-) ), anything that you think I should know. I always love to get feedback, especially if it is constructive criticism ...
As I'm very busy right now getting this homepage running and filling it with picturs and information, I'll leave you with this short post. You'll get to read more from me shortly ...
Until then have fun on my page!!!
Cheers, Manuel!!!


# Heinz 2015-06-22 18:08
Hi Manuel

I only had time to look at some of your work, and read only some of your text, but I most say, I'm very impressed.
I like the way you made your B&W images a lot. Well done!
Will come and visit you again! Keep up your good work.

Regards Heinz
# Manuel_MFP 2015-12-28 10:09
Hi Heinz,

again, thank you very much ... always a great motiviation for me, if people take their time and "really" look at my pics and texts ... much appreciated!!!


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