Written by Manuel Faessler
After a restful night and a great breakfast in Barton B&B (www.bartonbandb.co.uk) we started our journey with misty weather. We drove along Loch Lomond (according to local tour operators the most beautful of the scottish lochs – but that was a phrase we heard and read throughout Scotland...) on a well constructed road northwards. On one of the passing loops we stopped and tried to catch some pics of misty atmosphere – not really successful. After that we drove up to Inveraray where we vistied Inveraray Castle (in my opinion not really worth visiting; more of a self-display of the Duke of Argyll, Chief of Clan Campbell than a historic exhibition).

After this short stop we drove on the coastal route (very beautiful) along the coast to Lochgilpheag and farther north to Oban. Somewhere in between we made a little break and tried to take photos of a beautiful valley. This had the result, that we both got wet feet within the first couple of meters ... After changing trousers and shoes we got on the road again and decided we had to buy wellies if we had the chance.

If the weather had been better, there would have been a couple of chances taking pictures along the coastal route. But as we thought we would get better weather later one, we drove on. In Oban we looked for a B&B (www.strathnaver.co.uk) and used the room for getting our stuff dry again.

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