Written by Manuel Faessler
After a great breakfast and farewell from our hosts and Alfie (our „host-dog") we fetched our spare parts for the mirror and drove on with Edinburgh as our goal.

On the way to Edinburgh we made a of couple halts in between, with the Falkirk Wheel being the first. This really is one fascinating piece of engineering (and relativley touristy too ... ) and we even got to see it „in action". A second halt was at Blackness Castle, a really well preserved castle, which is not that well known. The view from the big tower showed the destination for our third halt already, the Firth of Forth bridges. As the weather wasn't that good the pics aren't that good either ...

After I learned how fast the high tide is coming (somehow I was seperated from the shore at once – only my great long-jump skills saved me from getting wet feet), we got back to the car and off to Edinburgh we drove.

We already knew a great B&B (http://www.dorstanguesthouse.com/) from our trip 2012 and managed it to get the last room available. After we got settled in, we walked into the city to do a little shopping and enjoy a nice and relaxed evening.

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