Written by Manuel Faessler
After a not so calm night and a morning that greeted us with bad weather („bad weather" could be used for a drinking game ... or better not, it would be too dangerous ) we decided to visit Talisker distillery in Carbost and substitute the moisture from the outside with „moisture" from within ... a dram of good whisky sure is a great way to start the day ... ;-)

A little bit more motivated and with some whisky in the trunk we drove north to Neist Point. This little strip of land with its lighthouse is praised as a „must-see" destination in some photography-forums, so we couldn't drive by it. The lighthouse can be reached via a cart road (which was maybe planned or built by a guy who has had some whisky for breakfast too ...). The lighthouse is abandoned and more or less left to rot. In my opinion it isn't worth the extra kilometers, at least not with bad weather. The only things worth seeing are the cliffs and the nesting birds on them.

As it was starting to rain again we drove north again along the coast (as good as possible – there is only one road going north anyway) until Dunvegan where we decided to look for a room for the night and a shower to get rid of the weird scent in the transit (me?). After refreshing and feeling human again (remember two not so calm nights in a row?) we visited the „Giant MacAskill Museum" which is run by Peter MacAskill (Danny MacAskills father – if there is anyone who doesn't recognise this name, you should look him up on youtube real fast ...).

After visiting the museum and a short chat with Peter (a great character) we walked through the „city" (about 100 inhabitants) to find something to eat. What I haven't expected at all was, that we found our culinary highlight (at least for me) there ... the „Old School" Restaurant (www.oldschoolrestaurant.co.uk) is the best restaurant we found in Scotland this year. After a fantastic pheasant breast, a gorgeous dessert and one or two (or three) glasses of „water of life" we walked back to our room and enjoyed the nice beds ...


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