Written by Manuel Faessler
After a weird taste experience (because I had to try the „marmite" which is served with nearly every breakfast in Scotland – after that I sure was fully awake), we drove back north to Tain because we wanted to visit the Glenmorangie distillery (as it is one of my favourite whiskies). After we reached the distillery we were informed that we had to wait and take a later tour, because the first three tours of the day had been booked in advanced ... damn ... so we decided to make the best out of the time left and drove to the beach where we spent the time photographing... ;-)

After the tour through the distillery we drove a little bit along the coast and back to Carrbridge through the Cairngorms National Park. After a little bit refreshing we started our well-proven evening programme (dinner in the Cairn Hotel with a couple of whiskies at the bar), only interupted by a little photo-expedition to the old packhorse bridge (after which the village was named) when the sun went down ... what a view!!!

As I got the feedback that the pics are missing in the blog, I'll post a link in every post from now on. You can find the Scotland pics via photos-projects-Scotland 2014, or by just clicking this link.

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