Written by Manuel Faessler
Hi folks,
as many of you may have seen already, I do the very last shooting for my project „honest-dark-monochrome“ soon (at the end of January). This is your last chance to be part of it ... and you have to be fast, as the last date is well booked already!!
What is this all about?
My goal for this project is to create a series of honest character-portraits, relatively dark and in black and white. I want to include as many faces as possible and light the portraits only with very simple light set-ups to show the faces as they are ... with all the rough edges, with wrinkles and all little „stains of life“ that really make that person ... without retouching (almost – I will only remove temporary blemishes, everything else will stay where it belongs).
It doesn’t matter how you look ... if you ever stood before a camera or not, wheter old or young, skinny or heavy, male or female, everybody is welcome!! You don’t have to be a „supermodel“ in order to get great pics ... more to the contrary: the more you can see the real life, the better the pics will get!!
How can you participate?
Easy ... all you have to do is sending me a short e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I’ll send you all the infos you’ll need as fast as possible. I’ll do this shooting on a tfp-basis, which means you don’t have to pay anything, and of course you’ll get the pics of yourselfe which I’ll make during the shooting.
The pictures shown below are those made for this project so far ... just to show you what you can expect from it.