Looking back at 2017-Looking forward to 2018

Written by Manuel Faessler
Hi folks,
I almost can’t believe it ... another year is over and it seams to happen faster every year (sorry, if I sound “old” :P ). This year has been my third as a professional photographer, and one that has been very successful commercially, which of course caused the activities on this website to slow down ... a little bit too much for my taste ... but as a matter of fact my day has only 24h as photography is “only” my second profession (besides a full-time job) ... so my time is limited a bit ... 😉
Despite that, all the commercial work (a BIG THANK YOU to all my customers!!) and the work “behind the scenes” (work on the website, preparing for shootings, office-work, organizing, ...) I’ve managed it to do a couple of shootings which I’m really proud of ... “Farm Stories”, “Black Beauty” and a workshop with Sacha Leyendecker (the last series of pictures from that is just going online) where some great times with fantastic people and great pictures ... and I have two additional shootings “in the pipeline” ... I’ve just started to post-process my shooting-journey to Thailand and after that I’ve done a shooting just before Christmas in the Studio with a great model (I don’t want to tell too much ... ).
Of course, not everything has been great, that’s why I’m still looking for a good, reliable and affordable retoucher (somehow at least one of these requirements was missing in 2017) ... maybe this was my biggest setback in the last year ... hopefully this will change in 2018 ... 😉
As a little “outlook” to 2018 I want to announce (besides the above mentioned Shootings) my own “line” of T-Shirts which I have “teased” about a month ago ... those will be for sale on my website sometime soon. And of course I’ve some good shooting-ideas in my head which I’m planning right now ... and I might be working on 1-2 things which I can’t tell you right now ... 😉
To end this post (and year) I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the people I had the pleasure working with, and of course to all of you ... your support and feedback motivates me to continue on my path and to share it with you as good as I can!! I wish you all a very successful and great 2018!!!
Cheers and see ya next year,