News - Vacation

Written by Manuel Faessler
Hi folks,
I can hardly remember the last time I was on vacation ... but now it is time!! The packing is almost done, anticipations are high and the pilots are (almost) starting to warm up the turbines ... 😉
Our first stop will be Khao Lak (Thailand) where I’ll participate in a shooting-event held by Sacha Leyendecker (link) ... you can really look forward to the pics from that ... 😉
After that we’ll travel to Shenzhen (China) where the vacationing will really start and we’ll hang out ... of course I’ll have my camera with me ... maybe I’ll do some street-stuff there ... 😉
I want to wish you a great time ... maybe you want to check this page once in a while ... if I get the chance I’ll post some updates here ... 😉