Website 3.0

Written by Manuel Faessler
Hi folks,
It has been a while since you heard from me on this website ... but these times are (hopefully) over ... I was really busy with commercial jobs almost all year, which is really good for my purse, but not for the content of this page ... ;-)
As I’ve more or less finished the commercial work for this year (I’m not planning to take another job this year – the jobs already in progress is enough work as it is), I’ve thought it is about time to “refresh” this website and do a little reworking on it. The biggest part of that is already done and I’m working on some last little things right now.
The biggest changes were made in the “Photo”-area of the page, as I’ve decided to concentrate only on people-photography in the future. This doesn’t mean, that I completely stop photographing other stuff, but I won’t show it on this website that much (if any). I’m thinking about how to handle that in the future ... the possibilities range from a completely different website for those pics to just a clearly separated area on this page.
The first hint to that change for you is the new background-pic for my website ... as much as I like Kilchurn-Castle (and Scotland), it just doesn’t fit my new direction anymore. The second big modification is the completely reworked photography-section. The complete “look and feel” was changed and optimized for mobile devices and I’ve changed the portfolio to people-topics only. For those of you who visited my page because of the landscape- and wildlife-pics, you can still find them under “Photos- Projects” (at least until I’ve decided what to do with them).
Another big change is that I’ve separated the “News” completely from the blog. I want to use this section to be more independent from Facebook and other social media in the future. I plan to post more regularly here and show you some insights into my work, behind-the-scenes looks, updates and more.
The blog got retouched as well (pun intended). It is designed to be more clearly structured and easier to get around. And it is another thing I want to improve in the future: I’m planning a new series of blog-posts ... more information coming soon!!
For those of you who have worked with me already, or will do so in the future, I’ve made a new “Login” feature, which I’ll use to transfer the pictures to you... the old variant is still active of course!!
If you have any feedback, critics, praise, etc. regarding the website, I’d really appreciated it, if you could write me a short e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..