News-Update: radio silence and Lobi

Written by Manuel Faessler
Hi folks,
Somehow I got the impression that every second news-blog I make explanations for the radio-silence here on the website ... 😉
I really hate that I haven’t got enough (not even close) time to write as much blogs and shoot as much of my own projects as I want to. I have had some private projects in the last couple of months and the commercial side of my photography got more as well ... very good for the business, not so good for the website, as I rarely (if ever) show these pics here.
To “close the gap” a little bit I want to show you a couple of pics I made during a little walk with my new training-buddy ... not really my genre, but maybe some of you will like it ... 😉
I’m working on post-production of the next series of pics, hopefully I’ll get them ready for publishing next week. And a second series is already shot and waiting to be post-processed.
That means: you won’t have to wait much longer ... new pics coming soon!!