If not otherwise stated, all downloads are for uncommercial purposes only. Any other forms of use require my written consent in advance.
To start this download-area I want to offer you a wallpaper to download for free. I made this pic during last years Canada-trip.
Photoshop Action
As you may have read in my blog, I want to give you the PS-action I made for the B/W-conversion for my project „honest-dark-monochrome“. You can find an explaination on how to use it in my blog (download of a fitting RAW- and PSD-file included)
Capture one styles
Here I want to give you a couple of CaptureOne-styles I made... as I started using capture one not so long ago this list will get bigger with time ... ;-) I will update the downloads themselves as well so I’ve added the dates to give you some kind of hint, when I’ve updated them.