With this short information, I want to explain my most used types of shootings as I see them. As there is no „general" and accepted definition, I'll tell you how I see it.

And first of all I want to set one firm rule: I only shoot the „Lingerie/Dessous" and „Nude" categories with adult (min. 18 yrs) models, without any exception (even if the parents allow it and/or are present at the shooting) !!!


Portrait shooting is defined as photography of living motives; mostly humans, but animals can be photographed „portrait style" as well. The main goal of photographing a portrait is to emphasize the character of the motive. In most cases the face of the person/animal is the main subject of the picture, but it is also possible that the upper body and in some cases even the whole person/animal is part of the picture.


As the name suggests, the fashion is the main subject for this kind of photography. It focuses mainly on clothing and accesories, but the model has a big share of the overall image effect. It is possible to tell a story with a single picture, so the it can be one of the biggest challenges to tell that story in an exciting way.


This kind of photography is mainly focused on Dessous/Lingerie and in most cases the whole model is part of the picture. The character of the picture can vary, from calm and „dreamily" to erotic and seductive. Exposed breasts can be part of the picture but will be hidden by some fabric, accessories or the posing in most cases.


While shooting a „classic" nude, the model is completely naked, in most cases the whole body as well as the face is part of the picture. Most of the time calm, classic posing is done and the lighting has a key role. Nude shots try to focus on the beauty of the body and doesn't make use of clothing but sometimes uses some accessories (fabrics, jewellery, etc.) to emphasize a pose or body-part. The breasts and buttom are subject of the picture whereas the private parts are only shown „incidentally" if at all. A little bit more „covert" forms are „partially nudes" and „covert nudes", where only parts of the body are shown or parts of the body are hidden behind objects or by means of posing.