Marriage of Susanne and Johannes

Written by Manuel Faessler
Hi folks ...

With a little delay (because I wanted to finish and post the trip report from Scotland first), I want to write a little bit about the civil marriage of Susanne and Johannes and of course show some pics. I usually don't photograph marriages and don't want to do so in the future, but as the two are close friends of mine I decided to do them the favour when they asked me. I was alone photographer during the civil marriage and „second" photographer on the church wedding ... in this post I want to write about the shooting we did before the civil ceremony and of course show some pics ... ;-)

2014 06 13 5DIII HZ-Jean-Susn Bearb 00 Title23456789101112131415I knew about their outfit and we discussed some ideas well before the marriage and I did some location-scouting the day before the wedding too ... so everything was pretty well prepared for the shooting.

The whole thing happend on June 13th, 2014 in Dornbirn, and if anybody doesn't remember the weather on that day I can say two things about it: it was a great sunny day ... and f***ing hot too (about 34°C) ... so I discarded my plan to show up in a suit pretty fast (as I sweated so heavy during dressing, that I couldn't leave the house with that suit ...) and instead dressed in jeans and a functional shirt ... ;-)

I met with the two at their house and after a little drink we left for the shooting-location. Especially because of the brides' outfit – a Bregenzerwälder (local) traditional garb called „Juppe" – I selected an old shack as a location which was a lucky find as the area surrounding that shack had a lot to offer too. But most important the shack provided some shade for the bride and groom (of course not enough for the photographer – I sure lost about two kilograms weight that day...).

I set up my new flash (Elinchrom Ranger RX – purchased that week), adjusted the flash and then we started ... Susanne and Johannes got comfortable real fast and everything went perfect. After some photos as a couple, some alone and some portraits we made some funny pics too ... until the local farmer decided to dung the meadow right next to the shack... so we packed up as fast as we could and drove off to the civil registry office.

I only want to show some pics of the shooting here (with approval from the couple of course, thanks a lot for that!!!), because I think the pics of the civil ceremony and the pics of the party afterwards are only of interest for the couple and the relatives ... ;-)

I also want to send a big THANK YOU to Susanne and Johannes for their trust in me and for the very cool shooting we had ... while I post-processed the pics from the shooting I was really impressed by the high ration of „good" pictures ... I would have never anticipated that ...

But now enough text ... with a click on the little pic on the above you'll get to see the pics ... ;-)

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