Written by Manuel Faessler
Hi folks ...

This time I will only write a short post with a couple of pics ... some kind of addition to the post before.

After the civil ceremony I was allowed to play „second fiddle" on the church wedding (primary photographer was Manuel Riesterer from Weissengruber Fotografie - what gave me the chance to support them with my photography without the responsibility. I only was sole photographer after Manuel had fulfilled his task (after church, when we drove to the party).

And this is exactly the point from which I want to show some pics as they are interesting for the people who don't know the bride and groom as well: the drive from the church to the restaurant where the „after-party" took place.

The bride and groom had organized a Morgan 4/4 (I hope I'm right ... if not, please feel free to correct me) as their wedding car, and I had organized a stunt-driver for me (THANKS Gere!!!). We drove from Schoppernau to Egg in a way which would have driven every police-officer mad ... but which was a lot of fun and I was able to take a couple of good shots as well. I was lying in the back of the car (some kind of mini-van ... a Citroen Berlingo to be precise), my feet hooked in the seats, my head and shoulders hanging out of the car, holding the camera just centimeters above the asphalt ... with my fingers thouching it sometimes ... a good way to keep the right distance ... all that while driving about 70-80 km/h ...

Enough with all the text ... here are the pics23 ... I hope you like them!!!

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