Trip report Scotland 2014

Written by Manuel Faessler
As one of my first entries in this blog I want to write a little bit of my trip to Scotland I made this year. For the third consecutive year I visited the land of whiskies, of beautiful landscapes, of bad weather (OK, was only true this year), of sheep, of creeks and lochs, and of course of great food (don't confuse Scotland with England; not with food, not with anything else). It sure isn't the last time I visit Scotland ... I just love it!!

What made this journey special was the fact that it was planned as a photography trip right from the beginning. The bigger part of the destinations we wanted to visit were „photo-destinations". I try to give you all a short overview about our route and destinations with the visited places, B&B's, restaurants, etc. and off course give you a little bit „behind the scenes"- information ...

We – that is my girlfriend Ines, our loyal servant Travis the Transit (christianed by Ines) and me – wanted to do a roundtrip around the better part oft he Scottish Highlands while using our loyal servant as means of transport, as sheltered eating place, as ***hotel and of course as transport for our photography-gear. This meant a 2-day journey to Scotland in the first place, from Dornbirn to Rotterdam, a overnight ferry-ride (P&O Ferries) to Hull and couple of hours driving to Balloch.

Because these two days were relatively uneventful, I start my detailed report on the day we started from Balloch.

In case anyone of you wants to plan a similar journey (maybe even gets inspired by this report?), you can contact me and I'll be happy to give you more detailed information.

I'll post this report in chapters, so that you don't get bored by a text that is way too long. But also to buy me some time to translate the report, as I want to post it (like everything else on my page) in both german and englisch.

And now: enjoy my report and let me know what you think about it ... I'd love to get some feedback ... ;-)

PS: You'll find the pics in Projects - Scotland 2014 ... or you just click this link


Jeraldzep 2022-08-27 20:01
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