Day 12, Rannoch Moore – Balloch

Written by Manuel Faessler
Because we didn't want to wait for better weather do take „perfect" pictures on this beautiful spot (the forcast was bad for the next couple of days) we left Loch Rannoch right after breakfast and drove south. We got the chance to see two border collies at work (with a relaxed commentary of the farmer's wife, and not so relaxed calls of the farmer, that she should stop chatting and come to help ... ).

On a narrow road along Loch Lomond some camper drove too much on my side of the road and destroyed my mirror ... damn (I won't write to which nationality we „assigned" him). There was no possibility to stop because of the traffic, so we drove on. At least we had something to slander about ...

We drove past the Faslane Navy Base (British Navy Base with nuclear Subs) to our goal Balloch (and with that to our favourite B&B - where we got a heartly welcome and great advice where to get our mirror fixed (THANKS a lot for that!!!). We really managed it to place an express order due the next day at the local Ford-Dealer.

Relaxed we took a little stroll around Balloch and got to bed after a great dinner.

And of course, the link to the Scotland-pics.

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