Day 15, Edinburgh - Hull

Written by Manuel Faessler
With our last (great) breakfast in Scotland for this year, we started an exhausting „driving day" with lots of kilometers to hull, where we wanted to catch the ferry to Rotterdam. Our drive started with a little „indirect route" as we wanted to visit Roslin Chapel (a 1000 year old chapel which is known because of its appearance in „The DaVinci Code"). A diversion which is not worth the time ...

As we reached Hull we had a little problem ... the ferry to Rotterdam was fully booked and we had to take one to Zeebrugge (what meand an additional driving time of 1,5 hours for the next day).

All in all it was a really great trip, and it sure will not be the last time I was in Scotland. I love the country, the people, the lanscape, the whisky and much more ... and from a photographers point of view Scotland has great opportunities to take pictures (would be better with better weather of course). I sure learnt a lot about landscape photography, long exposures, different filters, etc. and got me motivated to to invest a little bit more of my time in that photographic topic ... ;-)

As I mentioned in my very first post of this trip report, I'd love to get some feedback ... personal, per e-mail or as a Comment on the blogposts ... let me know what you think about the trip, the report, the pictures ... ;-)


For a last time the link to the Scotland-pics ... enjoy!!!

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