Day 5, Dunvegan – Broadford

Written by Manuel Faessler
The new day awoke us with great weather – for the drinking game ... – and because of this we decided not to visit two destinations we have planned to visit and instead tried to cover some ground. We drove through Edibane, Carbost and Uig via the coastal route and reached the northernmost point of the island. From that point on we drove south along the eastern coast and finally reached our next photography destination. The weather was dry for a couple of minutes so we had the chance to take a couple of pics at Kilt Rock view point. This view point is very touristy even with a piper who tries to get rid of all the visitors (or at least thats what we thought) and not really worth the time.

A couple of kilometers farther south we reached the parking lot next to the „Old Man of Storr" a free-standing rock which can be seen from a great distance away. As it was raining once again we stayed on the parking lot for a while, resting and reading some books while waiting for the weather to clear up at least a bit. After about 1,5 hrs we left for the old man and hiked up about half an hour. It is really worth the hike despite the muddy terrain which isn't that easy to cross (only for people with some surefootedness and good shoes). When we reached the top we where lucky to be the first (our fast ascent and the bad weather favoured us) on top and had great views on the old man, without tourists running into our field of view ... at least the bad weather had a good side for once ... ;-)

After a relatively fast descent (because the bad weather was catching up with us again) we drove further south to Portree, our planned goal for the day. As a local weatherforecast wasn't really positive for the next day, we decided to drive further south, so we could leave the Isle of Skye early next morning. We arrived in Broadford and found a great B&B ( with the best showers in Scotland ... ;-). Refreshed and with a good dinner in our bellies we went to bed and hoped for better weather for the next day.

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