Day 6, Broadford – Victoria Falls

Written by Manuel Faessler
We started the day relaxed and left the Isle of Skye after a great breakfast. We have always tried to follow the coast as good as we could ... and sometimes „found" some roads in really bad shape. This time was no exception, as we tested the maximum steering angle of the transit a couple of times on some „mountain-road". That road really called for all concentration I had in order not to hit some rocks or fall of some cliff ...

After that little adventure the street got us to Applecross and we really couldn't believe our eyes as a really big deer was feeding not 2m off the road. Of course we pulled over and mounted our tele-lenses ... which was a waste of time as the deer was really relaxed and let us get as close as 2-3 m. Only when we got closer it lifted its head a little bit, walked a couple of steps and continued feeding. On the other side of the road we discovered a whole bunch of deer right in the middle of a heard of highland cows ...

While driving north again we came through some villages („villages" is a little bit exaggerated – mostly they were just 2-3 buildings and a sign with the villages name on it). After a little while the weather got better with even the sun coming out a couple of times. After some time we spotted a herd of highland cattle on a little hill right next to the road and decided to stop and get some pictures ... you have to get a pic of highland cattle when you're in Scotland ... ;-). Just as we were ready and closed in two busses full of tourists saw us, stopped and tried to get pictures of the same cows ... damn ... with them were a couple of Swiss folks who commented my behaviour with „des ischt abr hura-gföhrlich was der Siech do macht" (about „that guy is really acting in a really dangerous way" in really extreme Swiss slang).

After that „really dangerous" experiences we drove farther north to get as close to Gariloch as possible and found a nice big parking lot near the „Victoria falls". A little waterfall which is advertised as some kind of attraction which it really isn't. But the great thing was, because of that status the parking lot was big and in great shape, so we decided to stay for the night. For the first time the weather was nice and dry and so we took the chance to cook some noodles and enjoyed them with a great view on Loch Maree (another „most beautiful Loch in Scotland").

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