Day 7, Victoria Falls – Nähe Tain

Written by Manuel Faessler
After eating breakfast in the transit once more (as the weather was only good for the drinking game) we started our northernmost leg. We followed the coastline for quite a while until we had to drive around a deep bay which led us relatively far inland. Sometime in the morning we reached the highland-metropole Ullapool (around 1300 inhabitants) and took a little stroll along the harbour and refilled our stock. For some reason or another there seems to be nothing but souvenir-shops and some offices where you can book sightseeing-tours...

Our last drive north led us a little bit beyond Elphin, where we turned east. We drove a very scenic singletrack road through a beautiful moor with lots of little creeks and a great landscape until we decided to call it a day and stay at a little parking lot for the night, as it was to late already to visit Glenmorangie Distillery anway.

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