Shooting with Dominika

Written by Manuel Faessler
Hi folks

At first I want to say sorry for the long gaps between posts. I am photographing a lot at the moment, but have not much to show you despite it, because the shootings are mostly for customers. Good for my purse, not so good for my blog ... ;-)
But I wasn't completly lazy in that time regarding my „private" shootings and have developed some ideas and organized some of them for the near future ... so the long gaps should soon be over ... ;-)

With this blogpost I want to report some thing I wanted to show you for quite a time, but haven't managed to finish until now. At the beginning of August I had the pleasure to be part of a workshop with Dominika Kissova (sadly no website) organized by Ingo Kremmel (Website oder Facebook) Thanks a lot to Ingo at this place ... it was really great!!!

With this shooting I have made a little dream come true for me, as I wanted to go into that „direction" for quite a while and haven't had the guts to really do it until now ...

We started the day on a little parking lot near the Lake of Constance with not so good weather (but great light) and really motivated photographers (one even brought beer and bretzels for us ... ;-) THX!!!). After a little walk through (partially flooded) underbrush we reached the lakeside and a great place „in the middle of nowhere" with lots of possibilities to shoot and even a little „roof" (some trees) to keep our equipment dry.

After a little „meeting" where we discussed how to shoot at which set we got the cameras clicking. After the second set (at the latest) we were as wet as Dominika because we all stood in the water as well and the lake has sent some wakes our way just to set as all en equal terms ... ;-). Because of that nobody gave a damn when it started to rain (lightly) from time to time, because we where all wet anyways ... In the breaks between sets and while the other photographers where shooting, there was enough time to „talk shop" and discuss some things (and try them right after that). Another great thing in standing beside and watching was not only seeing the model work, but the „poses" of the photographers ... someday I'll make a picture-book with the title „Camerasutra – the posing-book for photographers" ... :P

And there is one additional thing that has to be said: my deepest respect goes out to Dominka for the great job she did. Despite the circumstances (wet and windy) she posed for 6 full sets for us ... all that while being wet and cold from the second set onwards (at the latest) ... the moment she started posing that was all gone. A really great model I can recommend to any photographer!!!

I really learned a lot at this workshop and was able to overcome my „fear", so you'll sure see some nude pictures from me in the future ... ;-)

As a little „extra" (one advantage from the fact it took me so long to complete this post) I can announce (a little bit proud) that VOLO magazine has chosen on of the pics from this shooting as their „Pic of the day" ... LINK

For all those who haven't found the pics in the gallery yet, here they are... ;-)234567

And as always: let me know what you think about this post, the pictures, my work, etc. ... and if you have any questions, fire away ... 


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