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Written by Manuel Faessler
Hi folks

For the third time now, I've attended a workshop held by Alexander Heinrichs (Website). I really like to attend such workshops, as it really fits my „style of learning". I learn more in an afternoon of trying things out with the help of someone who knows his stuff, than with me just going on „trial-and-error"-mode in 10 times the time (even though this workshop was relatively similar to the workshops I have attended in the past). From my point of view Alex has a great style of explaining things as well, as it always is well structured and (physically) logical, which makes it easy for me.

This time the workshop was held in the Sheraton-Hotel in Dornbirn (Website), where we could use almost all the place with only some minor rules, with the models Madeleine Handle (Website) and Franzy Balfanz (Website). After a brief welcome we started with a little theory-lesson to get all participants to the level needed for the photography which followed. Alex explained many things from different flashes, light shapers, setups, etc. in „fast-forward-mode" so everyone knew what we were talking about later on.

As the weather wasn't looking that good and it seemed that we would get some rain in the course of the afternoon we decided to start with two outdoor sets (at the pool of the hotel). Seperated in two groups (each one with a model) we startet taking pictures with two different light-setups. The second turn got interupted by a rain-shower (damn, no pictures for me on the second set) and so we continued indoors where we photographed two short sets instead.

After that we made a little break (to give the models a chance to get prepared for the last two sets), which we used to do a little networking while enjoying a beer. The smokers of course had only one thing on their agenda ... ;-)

Well relaxed started our final two sets, this time in the hotel rooms and again with two different light-setups. A pity it was all over after that ... ;-) A really great workshop, I have learned one or two things ... and sure met some great guys ... not to mention it was a pleasure to work with Alex, Madeleine and Franzy.

And now enough with the talking, here234 are the pics ... ;-)


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