honest-dark-monochrome - set 1

Written by Manuel Faessler
Hi folks!

As written in the intro, with this blog-post I want to explain the first set-up. I've chosen 4 set-ups out of many to shoot the whole project, which I've prepared ready to shoot before every shooting. The only thing I've had to do to use them, was to move them. With this selection of 4 set-ups I've tried to have great light for all the different types of faces that I want to shoot (yeah, I know – almost impossible)... along with the classic „beauty light" I've chosen two brand new set-ups (for me) and a set-up I use regularly.

Set 1 – the classic „beauty light"

Set-up and example2

Once again, please excuse my non-existant drawing skills ... but I think it supports the explainations pretty well. I used a 90cm hexagon-softbox without front-diffusor which i positioned high and frontal (in line with camera and model). How high it is positioned depends on the face of the model, I'll write a little blog-post regarding that later on. Additionally I've positioned a white reflector at chest level to minimize the shadows unter the nose and chin.

All in all not a very special, but a classic set-up which suits most faces and can be adjusted easily. You could say, that this was my „emergency set-up", in case no other set-up would have worked ... I've used it many times as it is very „reliable" and you can make great pics with it.

If you have some additional questions for my, feel free to ask me. You can just comment here, write me an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send me a message on facebook. I'll do my best to answer all your questions.

If you want me to write about a specific topic in the future please let me know. I'll be happy to write a little post about it.

And as allways: if you like this post (or not), please let me know ... spread the word, press „like", etc. I really appreciate your feedback!!!


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