honest-dark-monochrome - set 2

Written by Manuel Faessler
Hi folks!

After the first „emergency"-Set up I'll explain the second one in this blog-post. I've never used this setup for photographing people before, but the idea was to include a setup with very soft and natural light (especially for the ladies). As it was a „first-timer" for me, I've hoped it will work as planned.

I can now say it worked as planned, BUT: compared to the other set-ups the light is relatively „boring" (only the light of course – if the model and expression is great, so is the pic).

Set 2 – Soft light for the ladies


I have no example photo for this pic (yet), as I've shot at least 2 sets with every participant ... and until now the pictures from the other sets were better every time ... ;-)

This set-up consists of a very big (180cm) octagon-softbox and nothing else. It was positioned right above me with a 250Ws flash in a relatively low setting. Because of this, there was a little bit of ambient light along with the flashlight which makes the light even more natural.

But those who know me, could have guessed: that light is too soft for me ... as the light-source is very big, very soft and very close to the model, there are no edges, no shadows, everything is just dull ... for the shootings still to come for this project I'll maybe replace this setup with another one.

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