honest-dark-monochrome - set 3

Written by Manuel Faessler
Hi folks!

The third set-up is one that I use relatively often and that I like very much. The setting is relatively simple and you don't need much equipment to build it. The one-sided light and the resulting play of light and shadow make this set-up really special.

Set 3 – One-sided light

Set-up and example2

The set consists of one flash with a 120/30cm softbox attached (with both diffusors) and for some models with a white reflector. The 500Ws-flash was adjusted to the lowest possible setting and I had to adjust the camera to ISO50 to be make it possible for me to shoot with an aperture of f4. The accurate positioning of the model is of great importance with this set-up as just a few centimeters can make a really big difference. The model is positioned about 40cm sideways from the softbox and slightly behinde it (from the photographers point of view). Then the model gets directed centimeter-wise in the photographers direction until the light is perfect. If the play of light and shadows is too extreme you can use a white reflector to correct that a little bit. I'd first start without the reflector and use it only if needed ... and only lightly if needed, as the reflector softens the look ... and that is what the setup is all about.

The relatively high demands of this setup regarding the positioning of the model combined with the relatively big aperture (and resulting shallow depth of field) makes this set-up a little bit difficult to handle, but the results are really interessting and (at least for me) worth the „problems" ... ;-)

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