honest-dark-monochrome - set 4

Written by Manuel Faessler
Hi folks!

The forth and last (if I'm not switching set-ups during the next shootings to come) is one that I haven't used before and which really surprised me. I've seen the set-up in the e-book „Glamour&Portrait with 100WS" by Krolop&Gerst (http://blog.krolop-gerst.com/) – but I'm afraid it is only available in German. If that doesn't bother you, it is available in their shop and I'd recommend it very much.

Set 4 – a light like a falling cloth

Set-up and example2

As the setups before, this one consists of only one flash. Attached to it is a 90/50cm rectangular softbox with both diffusors. Again I had to choose the lowest possible setting on the 500Ws flash and had to set the camera to ISO50 to be able to work with an aperture of f4. The softbox gets positioned about 20cm away from the models forehead and about 5-10cm above it. The softbox is slightly tilted downwards and is adjusted (with the help of the modeling light) in a way that the ears of the model get (or don't get – depending on what you like) lighted (I hope you can see that on my sketch). The photographer positiones himself at the other end of the softbox and moves the lens upwards until he touches the softbox with it (or slightly below – depending on the lens) in a way that the softbox is not in the picture.

As the centre of the softbox isn't directly pointed on the face and a little bit farther away than the edges the lighting is very homogenous. I had the impression that th light covers the face like a falling cloth ... as I've mentioned before, on of my favourite lights from now on.

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