Trip report Scotland 2016

Written by Manuel Faessler
Hi folks,
again it took me a little while to post-process the pictures and write this blog (as we were there back in August), but here it is ... a little blog post about our Scotland-trip this year. I write this to give a little bit more background information to the pics (as the picture-description isn’t always enough) and to maybe influence some people to visit this beautiful country on their own. For me, Scotland is one of the most fascinating and amazing countries on earth ... I just have to travel there from time to time ...
As with my other Scotland trips my team consisted of my girlfriend Ines and my van Travis (named so by Ines, a Ford Transit equipped with a self-made bed) ... we’ve travelled a lot this way as it is a perfect fit for Scotland and our way of travelling.
You can find all the pics from the trip here ... additionally there are some making-ofs and other insights in the different chapters as well.
And here are the direct links to the chapters, that are already online:

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