Scotland 2016 - Edinburgh and back home

Written by Manuel Faessler
Edinburgh, Travelling back and Resumee
With a nice breakfast in our bellies we drove to Edinburgh via Fort Willam and Glencoe and tried to get a room in our favourite B&B in Edinburgh, the Dorstan Guest House (Link) despite being completely booked, Richard (our host) made the offer to book a single room, which we gladly accepted, as we didn’t want to look for another room after 5 hours of driving.
After refreshing we hit the town and payed a visit to the local Hard Rock Cafe (one of the best I know). And we even got lucky to stumble into a live-concert in a bar as well ... just love such coincidences ... ;-)
The next day was just the little drive to Hull to catch that ferry back ... which got a little bit nasty as the main road was blocked by an accident shortly before reaching Hull ... and my sat-nav always guided me back to that road ... somehow we managed it to get through and catch a bunk on the ferry back home ... ;-)
Just one thing left to write about ... my little resumee of that trip ... starting with the great weather (from Balloch to the Isle of Skye it wasn’t bad once – just a little bit overcast with clouds from time to time) and the great experiences on the Isle of Islay (which I’ll visit again for sure) to the beautiful sunsets and the even better whiskies we had a fantastic journey. The only „dark sides“ where a couple of great spots getting more and more touristy every year ... for me, Scoland is not only special for the great landscape and people but for the lonelyness and the „unspoiled state“ of its „secret“ places ... and with more and more tourists, it gets more and more difficult to find those places.
Another lesson learned is dealing with the fucking midges ... this was our first trip during August (until that time we where in Scotland only in April/May) and this problem occurs only beginning in July (according to locals). Those little fuckers really can get nasty ... I’m surely prefering cold weather over these little beasts.
And now it is your turn ... let me know what you think about this blog ... here as a comment, on my facebook page or via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ... I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. And if someone got infected with the Scotland-virus (maybe becaus of the pictures or the blog) and wants to travel there, I’ll be happy to provide you with further information ... just let me know ... ;-)

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