Manuel Faessler

Title Team Manuel 2014 06 01Professional Photographer from Dornbirn/Austria

I’ve started photography back in 2012 after an accident that forced me to pause sports for a while and made me search for other means to spend my time. At the start I was mainly focused on landscape- and wildlife-photography but the interrest for the people-genre grew steadly.

What fascinates me about people-photography is the more or less endless possibilities of the topic and the chance to work with lots of really creative people on both sides of the camera. That is also the reason why I’m photographing almost all „sub-genres“ ... from portraits, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, ... to dessous and nudes ... I really love it all!
When the Austrian law changed in 2014 and the ban to start a photography business without formal education was lifted, I started my own photography business „Manuel Faessler Photography“ as a second profession. Since then I’m trying to constantly improve my skills and get perfect in all areas of my work (if that is possible in photography at all). Besides learning as an autodidact I constantly visit workshops (a couple of times a year) and try to learn from different people whose work I admire – following the slogan: „Those who cease getting better, have stopped being good!“