Project 52

Written by Manuel Faessler
Hi folks,
today I want to present my newest project, that will acompany me all year (hopefully). In a little phase of self-reflection (don’t be afraid, I won’t get esoteric) during the final days of last year I made the decision to do my personal „Project 52“. The basic outlines (well known to many and nothing new) are, that I plan to make a picture every week of the year ... besides all the other photos I’ll make. For those amongst you who wonder why I do a project that is nothing new, I want to explain it a little bit ... ;-)
The amount of work associated with my photography got real big, really fast ... especially last year. This wasn’t always easy to cope with. As many of you know, I run my business „only“ part time besides a full-time job. Last year I’ve worked an average 34 hours for my photography (vacation-weeks not included in this calculation) ... and know you can imagine how little time I had left besides work and photography. I don’t want you to get this the wrong way: I love photography from the bottom of my heart and I wouldn’t wanna miss it ... but the time required to do photography the way I want to do it is considerable and I won’t be able to go on as I did last year. Because of this I will write a blog post that will be a little bit longer to tell you what I will change and what this will mean for you.
One of these changes is this project ... one of the thought-clusters I had in mind during the final days of last year where „what do I want to accomplish in photography? What is important to me? How can I reach those goals?“ ... and during that time I realized that I missed something. Besides all the great projects I did and all the fantastic people I worked with there was one thing missing that was there, when I first started photography: the „lightness“ in my photography ... the „just go out and take pictures“ way of doing it ... that was somehow lost while I increased the „quality“ of my pics, increased the goals of my projects, increased the amount of post-processing (and the quality as well) ...
This „Lightness“ in my photography is the main thing I want to get back with this project ... I just want to take pictures again without a plan in the background, without pressure ... and of course: get fresh impetus for my creativity, look at stuff in some other way ... In order to achieve these goals I’ll do this project with some additional outlines: I’ll use only a 50mm lens and will post-process all pics in black and white ... and on top of that I’ve set the limit for post-processing to 15min per pic. I won’t limit myself to certain topics (as many other photographers approach this type of project), but will only take my camera with me „always“ and will grab that moments when they present themselves ... the „just go out and take pictures“-way ... as it was back in the day ... ;-)
But now enough with the writing ... here is the gallery to which I’ll add all the pictures ... hopefully every week this year. I’ll write some thoughts, a comment, a quote or whatever to each pic ... whatever crosses my mind ... if you want to comment on the pics and/or my thoughts, feel free to do so ... I’ll very much appreciate it !!

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