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Written by Manuel Faessler
Hi folks,
it has been a while since I’ve written the last blog post. I’ve photographed a lot this year (maybe a little bit too much) and focused on getting better, which is why the blog was a little bit hibernating this year.
Today I want to write a little bit about my social media channels and give you my opinion about the different platforms.
Still the most important social platform for me, despite facebook constantly working on changing that (decreasing reach, weird rules, ... ) ... ;-). For me the reach and the possibilty to get in contact with my followers is still the best ... and in terms of people finding my website from there it is the best platform as well. Another bonus is the business side: About 40% of my photography-assignments are started with a conversation over facebook!!
Is getting more important from day to day, despite the fact I’m relatively new to this platform. My number of followers is constantly growing (which I really appreciate) and the platform as a whole is getting more and more popular with photographers around the world. It is a site which I will stick to for sure. One of the biggest disadvantages are the previews with square crop which you can’t influence(unless you sacrifice part of the not so great resolution).
You can find my page here: or search for the handle @manuelfaesslerphotography
More a gallery for photographs than a social platform. Definitly the best website to show off your pics in a great quality and to get inspiration. Most of the great photographers can be found there and are maintaining great sites ... which is the biggest disadvantage as well: The business part of the page is more or less non-existent as most of the visitors are photography-enthusiasts and not really potential customers (from my experience).
You can find my page here:
„Dead“ channels and platforms which I don’t use anymore
As I’m constantly trying out new stuff, there are a few ... most of them I stopped using just because the „return of investment“ is to little compared to the time you have to spend to feed them.
It starts with twitter, which I still use (mostly for sharing instagram- and 500px-links) but is more or less dead with only 33 followers (at the moment). It continues with platforms like flickr (which is really good for getting your pics stolen) and behance (which is really great, but takes a lot of time to really maintain) and ends with different forums and platforms where I have an account, but rarely use (maye once every few weeks).
Interesting platforms I might use in the future
Well, there are two which pop up: Snapchat (which really scares me away with the „childish“ appearance) and DeviantArt (where I have an account already, but seldom use).
And now it is your turn: what do you think about this? Which platforms do you use? Can you recommend sites which I should consider? Do you know my channels? Throw in your comments or write me a short email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .. I’d really appreciate it!!

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