Progress No.1

Written by Manuel Faessler
Hi folks,
Slowly but steadily, my “normal” working routine comes to life again and so I want to blog again as well. To start it off, I want to begin with a “general opinion” or more specific a little “review” and after that continue with more stuff ... before you can make any false assumptions, I want to make a little “disclaming” statement: I don’t get any payment for writing about this “product”, and I don’t want any ... what you read here is my own and honest opinion and I want to keep it that way ... 😉
When I was discussing some possible future projects (stay tuned, maybe there is something coming soon) with my photographer-friend Marco Gressler (website) back in Dezember, he gave me the chance to take a look at his newest project: an unpublished prototype of his brand-new photography-magazine!!
Of course we talked a little about that as well, the layout, the paper, the printing, ... and one thing was very clear right from the start: that is a project he is greatly concerned about. He was so thrilled about it, the first thing I did when coming home, was subscribing (=5 issues per year) said magazine (English version available here), despite the fact I had to wait a little bit longer ... 😉
A couple of weeks back I finally got to hold the real thing (Issue No.1) in my hands. Because of my own projects and my moving it took me a little time to read it and even more time to write these lines, but here we are ... finally I can give you my opinion about it.
As some kind of “foreword” I want to say, that I’m really happy that such a project is done in “my region” and I consider it very important to support each other with projects like this ... the photographer-business (and as a matter of fact all creative businesses) is hard enough as it is, so a little support from colleagues can’t be a bad thing ... so this is my shout-out to Marco, I hope it advertises his project a little bit and helps him!
The first time you hold this magazine in your hands, one thing really stands out: everything looks and feels high-quality ... very nice and heavy paper, high-quality matt printing, coherent and straightforward graphics, and of course the dark and contrasty black-and-white pics that are typical for Marco’s work ... just as it should be!
On the first pages you’ll get a little introduction with some statements about what he wants to achieve with this magazine and why he made it ... and you soon realize the Name is not just wordplay, it is the agenda as well ... it really wants to progress and improve the capabilities of its readers, wants to get them think about certain topics, explains light set-ups, analyses some pictures, ... and is much more than a nice look-book. Of course you’ll get enough of Marcos work to marvel at, which is one of the biggest “pros” for this magazine ... I just love printed photos ... the bigger, the better ... besides the “technical” side of photography, you’ll find articles with his opinion on certain topics, hands-on product tests, an interview (including pics) of another photographer ...
As you might have realized by now, I really like this project and I’m really looking forward to Issue No.2. I’ve just one little point of critique (which maybe gets destroyed in coming issues, but nonetheless): the target group seems a little bit small (at least this is the way I see it), if you want to profit from “everything” the magazine offers ... it ranges from the advanced beginner (not the real greenhorns) to the advanced photographer, but not really the “pros” ... maybe it is enough to like Marcos work, as the photography which is in there would be worth the price for me, but I’d like to see that target group widened a little bit ... of course that is only, if Marco wants it that way.
To give you an “optical teaser” as well, I’ve included to (SmartPhone-) pics in this blog ... you can find more on Marco’s website, or even better: Order the magazine right away ... 😉
That’s it from me ... if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to aske ... either here as comment, or via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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