Technics – ring light test

Written by Manuel Faessler
Hi folks!

Today I want to write a short blog-post about a technical topic. I've bought a Walimex ring-light not so long ago (amazon-link), just because I was fascinated by the light and it is relatively (compared to other light-sources) cheap, so I thought it was worth a try. Today I don't want to write about the handling, the workmanship, etc. of the ring-light (I haven't tested the light enough to write about that), but about my first impressions when working with that light and of course show you a picture I've made with it.

To put things in a nutshell at the very outset: this is a very special light, which can't be used often because the effect is relatively extreme, so it will get really boring real fast. Especially the reflexes in the eyes are very special and easy to spot ... even for folks who know nothing about photography.

2015-01-05 5DIII-Ringlichttest-290What has fascinated me about this light – and still fascinates me – ist the beautiful, almost shadow-free lighting and the great fade to darkness (with increasing distance from the ring light). If you want to achieve that kind of lighting with flashes, you'll need two big softboxes at least ... and you'll still have some semi-shades somewhere ... and no ring-reflexes in the eyes (OK, you don't really need them).

But there was one little surprise for me, when I first tested the light: You have to work extremly precisely if you want to achieve a good result ... the direction of the head and vision have to be aligned exactly with the direction of the light ... and the lens have to be positioned as precisely as possible right in the middle of the ring (possibly the best solution would be working with a tripod) to get the reflexes in the eye right (concentric with the pupil). Those who look at my pic more precisely will see that I haven't accomplished that task during my first test ... that's why I'll test it again ... ;-)

That's it for today ... hope you like the pic ... ;-)

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If you want me to write about a specific topic in the future please let me know. I'll be happy to write a little post about it.

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Toddler Tricycle 2020-03-21 21:23
Great article. Couldn't be write far better!
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Lunding Raahauge
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Great and an informative article!
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Dinesen Valenzuela

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